New Year’s Resolutions – 2015

This year, almost all my resolutions are about writing:
1. Learn WordPress.
My blog uses it, SCBWI‘s blogs use it, lots of sites use it. It’s cultural literacy for writers.
2. Learn Scrivener.
I’ve been providing user support to Microsoft Word users since the 90s. It’s what I’ve used for 90% of my tech writing projects, so it seemed like a no-brainer to use it when I started writing novels. But given what I’ve just gone through to reformat my latest (more on this coming posts), I think that a tool like Scrivener would do a better job. I’ll let you know.
3. Read a lot of middle-grade and YA fiction.
I don’t read much fiction when I’m working and I’ve been working on The Disappeared for four years, so I have some catching up to do. I’ve got a box filled with books next to my bed; I don’t even remember everything I’ve put into it. I’ll post the list later this week.
4. Make a concerted effort to find an agent or an editor.
Multicultural urban literary boycentric coming-of-age middle-grade mystery, anyone?
5. Blog regularly.
And, I hope, interestingly.
6. Start novel #4.
But only after I spend a few months reading.
7. Keep working.
Have any writing resolutions? Leave them below, if I’ve gotten the Comments section working. If not, bear with me and see resolution #1.

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