Better Writing, Better Blogging (for the SCBWI)

My latest SCBWI Professional Series write-up has finally been posted.  This one is from Dec. 2014, which featured writer-illustrator Neil Waldman on how to self-publish your book.  I hadn’t planned to go, but they had no one to cover it, so I thought I’d be a good do-be. In the end I felt like I got so much out of it that I decided that I should be careful not to be limited by only learning the things I think I need to learn.

With that in mind, I’ve registered for SCBWI’s February Romance Workshop. I’m not much for romance or the  dreamy-girl strain that runs through a lot of YA, but maybe that’s proof that I really ought to be there.  Between this, the Professional Series panel on diversity (which I will also be covering) and the SCBWI Mid-Winter Conference, February will be a great month.

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