30 Days of Blogging: A Review

Welcome to my 30-day anniversary party. You’ll find the guacamole at the bottom of this post, along with the upside-down flan cake.

Although I’ve been blogging at work (where my intent is truly insidious) for a few years , the experience is very different. I don’t run the infrastructure at work and have no control over what the blog looks like (or not since someone noticed that my blog didn’t conform to the corporate standard. Well, next time don’t leave that option lying around). For this blog, I decided to go the hard route, in order to learn as much as possible, but also to have control. I asked for it.

WordPress is a lot more time-consuming to work with than SharePoint (finally, one for SharePoint!)—more decisions, a fussier interface and slower response time. I’ve spent about 30 hours over the last month experimenting, learning and fiddling with WordPress. Now that I’m reasonably content with the overall look of the blog, the process is quicker, but not fast.

And then there’s the writing. My posts tend to run long, which takes about two hours for a 500-word post. And I almost always end up wanting to tweak the HTML that controls how the posts look in a browser—more time. I’m trying to learn how to give that up, too.

How do people like Neil Gaiman do it? I assume it’s his team of zombie-minions. (Kidding, Neil. But if you have two or three to spare…)

Over the next week I’ll be covering getting started with a WordPress blog. Maybe I can save you a little time and a little frustration. In the meantime, enjoy the refreshments. And if I find out where to get the zombie-minions, I’ll include that, too.

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