SCBWI Midwinter De-brief: The Joke Contest

It is possible that I went to SCBWI Midwinter for the joke contest.

Last year, Lin Oliver recited the names of past joke-contest winners who went on to get good agents and publish wonderful books. The message to me was clear: in order to publish a great book, I had to win the joke contest.

I never realized how competative I was. Or, perhaps I never knew how important it was to me to write a really good book.

The set-up was to write a headline from the Sotchi Olympics that featured a children’s book character. I approached it very methodically and wrote six jokes. My winner, of which I am quite proud, was, “Lone Ranger Nabs Silver.”

You can only imagine my state of mind this year. I finished the novel. I’m pleased and other people think it’s good. I am totally out for blood (a line I used last year, for the Cullen family).

The set-up: A break up line for a children’s book character. My submissions:

  • To Humpty Dumpty: I want to break up, but I don’t want you to fall apart.
  • To Dudley Dursley: There’s no magic between us.
  • And my favorite:

  • To the Invisible Man: I want to see other people.

Maybe between emerging voices and Anthony Horowitz’ book, I’ve won enough this year. But I really thought…

It’s on this summer in LA, Lyn!

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