I attended SCBWI Midwinter’s World Building Intensive partially because I’d run out of other options: I’m not an illustrator, I’d already done the First Page Critique and I don’t need to be taught how to create a website.

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Getting Your Word(s) Out

It is possible that I went to SCBWI Midwinter for the joke contest. Last year, Lin Oliver recited the names of past joke-contest winners who went on to get good agents and publish wonderful books. The message to me was clear: in order to publish…

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The Writing Scene

I’m almost recovered from my weekend at SCBWI. I’ll start with all the new things to read: Henry H. Neff, The Hound of Rowan I was fortunate enough to be in Henry’s critque group at the World Building Intesive; he’s an insightful and endlessly kind…

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Now Read This

I’ll be at SCBWI Midwinter for the next three days, first attending the Friday World Building Seminar. This is my favorite weekend of the year: three days to only think about writing children’s books. No promises about posting until this is over. But I’ll try.…

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The Writing Scene

Another post for the run-up to #NY15SCBWI When I’m at a full-day writing event like the SCBWI Midwinter Conference, I want to be able to take notes on my computer, but I don’t want to carry a charger. Here are the things I do to…

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